Champion's Path: It's Charizard Hunting Season! - LIVE PACK OPENING

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In our second ever LIVE OPENING, we tackle 2020's specialty set which features TWO INCREDIBLE Charizards - Champion's Path! DJ Semi will be opening a 120 Booster Packs LIVE on YouTube and you get a chance to get in on the fun! 

Purchase of a pack includes: 

- ALL cards from your packs - EXCEPT Online TCG Codes! (They will be shown/given away on stream)

- Sleeves and Top Loaders for your hit cards (reverse/holo rares and up) - Card Savers available upon request. 

- Shout out on the stream from DJ Semi! 

- A chance at the Rainbow Rare VMAX Charizard, Shiny Charizard V, and many more awesome Full Art cards and VMAX's from Champion's Path! 

This opening will take place on Saturday, January 23rd on DJ Semi's YouTube channel! Be sure to Subscribe to his channel for some awesome Pokémon content!

In purchasing, you understand that you completely understand how a break/live opening works AND understand that there are no returns of refunds.

This is a LIVE STREAMED pack opening, NOT the selling of sealed packs, boxes, or cases!